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Project Construction Manager

Arch. Martina Mancini

Martina is a professional with a Master’s degree in Architecture and Building Engineering, class 4/s, and is responsible for managing all components of a project, from the bidding phase to its completion.

She is responsible for managing all construction site activities, mainly performed by subcontracting companies that she must coordinate, and for carefully researching supplies.

She is responsible for completing construction and delivering the work within the contract schedule and according to safety and quality requirements and within the budget constraints, paying particular attention to contract extras and supervision.

She manages, organizes, and coordinates the company structure at the construction site, paying particular attention to critical issues and solutions in the various work phases, ensuring that work is carried out in compliance with local regulations and industry standards.

She verifies the completeness of the technical and quality control documentation present at the construction site, coordinating with the headquarters and/or subcontracting companies.

Martina is a global professional, thanks to her work experiences in Canada, she has an extremely important skill: she has an excellent knowledge of the English language.

Her technical-Canadian background enriches her professional skills today, providing added value in Build Technology in relationships with international clients, following both the initial and implementation phases.


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