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Site Management

Build Technology srl boasts a team of professionals composed of surveyors, engineers and architects experienced in the construction sector, able to supervise every aspect of a project, from design to construction in accordance with time and budget.

In the dockyard, all the necessary strategic actions to meet the needs of the customer. Among the activities carried out in the field of mockup furniture and equipment management, there are the new offices for KPMG (15,000sqm) and Q8 (7,000sqm) in Rome. In two important contexts, the technician coordinated the artistic direction of the buildings, managing the various figures involved.

The Site Manager is the point of contact between the Construction Manager and the companies. He coordinates the workers and plans the activities of the dockyard carried out by suppliers and subcontractors, verifying compliance with procedures and safety, he updates the project documentation with the changes made during the work. He also monitors the resources and the supplying as planned, reorganizing the activities in course of work in case of delays.

Plant Design

We are specialized in the design of technological systems with a strong orientation to environmental and economic sustainability.

We deal with:

  • electrical installations
  • special electrical installations
  • fire-fighting systems
  • sanitary water systems
  • heating and air conditioning systems¬†

Plant design requires technical preparation, continuous updating of regulations, knowledge of construction problems but also the ability to find the right solution for each need.

Engineers, technicians and maintainers will be able to advise you on the best system solutions to be adopted to ensure efficiency, safety and control of operating costs.

We can also help you make them, certify and maintain them.

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