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Owning a structured system is the basis for managing the company in a managerial way and governing the evolutionary dynamics.

The activity control process represents a focus of effectiveness and efficiency. Having the ability to plan and control is a concrete prerequisite of the enterprise.

We guarantee every type of maintenance and renovation, from the design to the realization of building works and plants of all kinds, from on-site assistance to advice on the purchase of materials, from interior furnishings to the provision of services, always maintaining a high quality standard of the project.


We provide the most innovative technical solutions and the best materials.

We are constantly present on the construction site, taking care of the safety, coordinating the activities and taking care of the solution of any unexpected, thanks to the diversification and specialization of experienced engineers and architects.


Adequate technical and organizational suitability, appropriate technical and managerial staff and a corporate quality system.

Attention is our priority, listening, evaluating and always offering the best solution, in order to ensure the full satisfaction of our customers.

Perfecting, possessing extreme knowledge of the construction processes and of all the various deadlines to be respected: this is the constant commitment of Build Technology


Assist all other professionals involved in the construction phase, optimize the time and economic costs, diversify technical and legal responsibilities: this way of acting provides, beyond the technical deadlines, even the bureaucratic ones whose non-compliance sometimes leads to extremely anti-economic stops.

Identify the most critical during the various construction or renovation works, and thanks to the specific expertise, overcome them quickly and without exorbitant costs.

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Marco Finarelli

Founder and Managing Director

Rosalia Farina

Administrative & Finance Specialist

Stephanie Pirocchi

Project Construction Manager

Daniela Calcagni

Account Manager & Quality Control Manager

Francesca Augimeri


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