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Technical and Commercial Office & Project Construction manager

Arch. Stephanie Pirocchi

She is responsible for the strategic and operational actions that bring the project to its conclusion in accordance with the time and budget, avoiding potential risks or delays ensuring the achievement of quality standards.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the operations, she becomes a point of reference for the Customer, coordinating the various figures involved, from the consultants (PM, DL, CSE) to the companies to which she will decide to entrust the subcontracted activities.

She is reliable and has specialized knowledge of the site processes, monitoring costs, evaluating suppliers’ offers, direct purchases and verifying SAL.

She defines a detailed work schedule with daily and weekly deadlines, verifying the achievement of the objectives set and the level of customer satisfaction.


Via Michele Buonori, 55 – 00133 Roma

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379 129 263 3

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